ACH Origination & Remote Deposit Capture

Business ACH Origination

The Automated Clearing House Network is an electronic payment network that provides your business with an electronic alternative to checks. Your account can be automatically debited for expenses such as payroll, and no matter which financial institution your employees use, their paychecks will be automatically deposited into their accounts. In addition, you can receive direct payments from customers. Should your customers agree to participate, their accounts will be debited, and you will get their payments on the effective date, ensuring payments will never be late.

Business Remote Deposit Capture

Make deposits from the comfort of your office. Remote Deposit Capture allows you to scan checks and transmit the images and transaction information to the bank electronically through our secured website. These items will be processed and deposited directly into the business checking account from your office. This service requires a desktop scanner (provided by CCB) and Internet access. To learn more or to sign up for Remote Deposit Capture, click here.