New to Lowndes or Brooks county? Finding a bank is at the top of every newcomer’s list, so take a look at why Citizens Community Bank should be your first choice.

CCB is a community bank. Why does this matter?

  • Customer Service: While it’s easy to say, “we have great customer service,” it’s also the truth. CCB customers consistently rate our customer service as Excellent in our surveys with loads of examples in the comment section to back it up.
  • Local Decisions: Our loan process is streamlined, and all decisions are made right here by our local team meaning our customers get the answers they need in less than half the time of many other banks.
  • Community Engagement: Our team is deeply involved in our communities, volunteering our time and making donations to worthwhile causes that benefit residents. We channel our loans to the neighborhoods where our depositors live and work, which helps local businesses and communities thrive.
  • Relationship Banking: Have a question? Just call your local office and speak with a person in that bank – not someone at a call center.

Technology and Customer Service: The Best of Both Worlds.

Yes, we have the latest in banking technology including mobile banking, online banking, mobile check deposit, bill pay and more. Say goodbye to choosing between the convenience of today’s banking technology and the pleasure of banking where customer service is our top priority.