Cybersecurity for the Business Traveler

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Whether you’re a seasoned traveling pro or a once-a-year-trip kind of traveler, business trips pose unique cybersecurity threats. Business travelers carry sensitive data, pertaining to both their work and their personal lives, on various devices. Easily accessible Wi-Fi networks and new environments for potential victims make travelers a hot target for hackers.

Here are some tips to stay cyber safe during your next trip:

  • Before you go, make sure your devices are backed up. In the case that you lose your phone or laptop, having a recent back-up to restore from is a lifesaver when it comes to setting up a new device.
  • Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth before you leave. Joining public networks is strongly recommended against. If you absolutely have to connect to a public network, never make online purchases or access bank accounts. Another quick tip is to be sure to turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi auto-connect feature.
  • Never leave your devices unsupervised. Keep your devices secure in public places such as airports, hotels and restaurants. You’d be surprised the number of people who plug their devices into an electrical outlet for a quick charge and walk away during events or in airports.

Citizens Community Bank encourages you to keep these tips in mind during your next trip! If you ever have concerns of your accounts’ security, please give us a call. Citizens Community Bank has branches in Valdosta, Hahira, and Morven! Find contact information for your local branch here:

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